Welcome to Burningfood.com

My name is Joe, i'm a web developer and I like to cook. Anyway.... This combination of things led me to create this website to consolidate my growing list of links to websites containing nutritional info, recipes, and other interesting bits. I also wanted to have an easy place for me to find my recipes that i use each week. It also makes it easier for me to share recipes with others, when all i have to do is tell them to come to this site. I mostly use my phone or tablet when visiting this site while i'm cooking, using it mostly as a online recipe book. Also it's helpful when i'm at the store, and i need to remember what ingredients i need for a particular dish.

Feel free to browse any of the recipes and give them a try. If i find a recipe on the net, i always link it to wherever i got it from to give credit to the original author (located under the picture i take of the food). If there is no link provided, then it was a recipe i just made up at home. Also, all the images i use for the food (besides the pyrex image) are images that i've taken myself of the food i've prepared. You are free to use any of the food images as long as you credit this site. The Category pictures are ones i "borrowed" from the net. If you own one of them, and don't want me using it, please email me and i'll remove the image at once.

Also be warned, that this site will be continuously under construction, as i like to test out new ideas in php and jquery.